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After School Chess Program

U.S. Chess Academy after school chess classes are open to the entire student population in each school. Each class concentrates on key chess concepts including piece movements, tactical ideas, gaining a winning position, good sportsmanship, general rules of play, and emphasizes chess as a fun and mentally stimulating activity that will provide another field of competition besides athletics and academics.


Each after school class is a one hour period, and meets one day a week for 14 weeks. Some schools support multiple periods and you have the option of registering for either the first or the second hour individually or for both hours combined at a discounted tuition.

Benefits of After School Chess Programs Include:

Improves critical thinking
Teaches problem solving skills
Cultivates visualization skills
Improves concentration and self-discipline skills
Teaches determination and perseverance
Builds self-esteem
Promotes good sportsmanship
Fosters positive social skills